KCHS / CHS / International Jet Refueling

Jet refueling at KCHS / CHS / International in Charleston, United States. EVO Fuels contracts directly with primary Jet A Fuel suppliers and into plane providers at KCHS to ensure you receive the best price on every uplift.

Into Plane or Primary Fuel Suppliers: 
KCHS, Charleston International Airport is a Charleston County owned and operated airport utilized for both civilian and military aircraft. Located just 12 miles to the northwest of Charleston, KCHS is well situated to service business and and private jet operators visiting the South Carolina Lowcountry. KCHS operates 24/7, is an airport of entry and has two runways: 15/33, which is 9,001 by 200 feet and 03/21 which is 7,004 x 150 feet. US Customs can be contacted at +1 843-552-2696. Interestingly, the runways at KCHS are owned by the U.S. Air Force and are shared with Charleston county in what is the longest running civilian-military joint-use agreement of its kind. Log onto the EVO Fuel Web for today's jet A fuel price at KCHS, and click for an automatic fuel release.

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