Airport Approach LFPG / CDG / Paris with Airport Briefing

Designed for professional pilots, Airport Briefing uses an advanced 3D engine to deliver an amazingly realistic preflight airport familiarity experience at hundreds of airports worldwide.
Use Airport Briefing to run the airport approach and get a full visual experience at LFPG / CDG before you get airborne. View a 3D visualization of LFPG / CDG taxi-ways, historic wind patterns, missed-approach procedures, and much more.
Incorporating aerodrome competency qualification requirements, the tool helps professional pilots to identify blind spots and develop a clear mental image of the entire airport area prior to their flight operation.

How Airport Briefing works

Ensure you are ready for your next flight operation to LFPG in Paris, France

  • Improve Safety:  more effective decision making with detailed situational awareness
  • Save Time: streamlined pre-flight procedures, mitigating risks of operational errors with more situationally aware pilots.
  • Maintain Compliance: with aerodrome competency qualification requirements defined in ICAO Annex 6, FAA FAR 121.445 and EASA PART ORO AMC&GM.

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Main features

  • Interactive 3D environment
  • 3D Guided Briefings
  • 3D OEI Visual Analysis
  • Sketch-Over-3D Pen
  • Multi-environmental modes
  • Aircraft Authorizations
  • Pilot-Oriented (EFIS) UI
  • Approach View Risk Assessment
  • Voice-over audio
  • Detailed airport information as found in industry standard aviation charts
Airport Briefing

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Airport Briefing

Spatial orientation and precision are two prerequisites for a well-flown approach. With Airport Briefing you can fly your approaches to a higher standard. You fly smarter and safer with Airport Briefing!

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