HAGN / GDQ / Gonder Azezo-Atse Tewodros Airport Jet Refueling

Jet refueling at HAGN / GDQ / Gonder Azezo-Atse Tewodros Airport in Gonder, Ethiopia. EVO Jet contracts directly with primary Jet A Fuel suppliers and into plane providers to ensure you receive the best jet fuel price at HAGN on every uplift.

Into Plane or Primary Fuel Suppliers: 
HAGN, Gonder Azezo-Atse Tewodros Airport is located 11 miles to the south of Gonder, Ethiopia. HAGN operates from 05:00 - 15:00 UTC, and has one paved runway, 17/35, which is 8,858 feet long. Log onto the EVO Fuel Web to view current HAGN Jet A fuel prices and request a fuel release for your next business, cargo, or government aircraft visit to Gonder. EVO accepts the US Air Card.

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