Emergency Landing Program

EVO Jet Emergency Readiness Program

Are you ready for an emergency landing in Siberia?

EVO Jet Emergency Readiness Program (ERP) provides airlines with tested and audited emergency alternate airports and personnel plus enhanced airport field condition reports to evaluate daily airport suitability.

Air carriers crossing Russia, China and Central Asia are flying over airports that may be unprepared for an emergency landing. EVO Jet is the only company that has recognized both the deficiencies and the potential of alternate airports in Russia, China and Central Asia. Now air carriers can utilize a readiness network designed to be prepared and to coordinate emergency response and recovery at these airports if required.

Information and reporting is not always available or completely accurate for diversion airports in these regions. With this in mind, EVO Jet also provides carriers with accurate, timely and reliable field condition reports 3 times daily by AFTN. That is why EVO Jet's ERP provides Enhanced Field Reports covering each carrier's elected alternates along specific Polar, North Pacific, Siberian and Central Asian routes.

ERP Specially designed for:

  • Commercial Airlines operating over remote areas
  • ETOPS alternate support for B777 and other two engine aircraft
  • FAA and Boeing guidelines adherence

This program is available for the following routings:

  • Polar (all Polar routes)
  • North Pacific (all tracks)
  • Trans Siberian / Trans Arctic (Russia)
  • Central Asian

EVO Jet's Emergency Readiness Program includes:

Emergency Airport Readiness (over 60 airports presently on line):

  • Provision of qualified standby personnel
  • Airport readiness arrangement and audits
  • Evaluation of airport and passenger facilities
  • Evaluation of emergency services
  • Provision of fuel samples for testing
  • Arrangement of all airport services
  • Arrangement of fueling/defueling/fuel credit

Emergency Response Coordination:

  • Passenger management and customer service support
  • Passenger immigration, transport, food and lodgings assist
  • Overflight/landing permit provision for recovery aircraft
  • Crew and recovery maintenance personal visa arrangement and delivery
  • Ramp assistance for support personnel
  • Passenger charter provision assistance
  • Medical evacuation (Med-evac) services set-up
  • Provision of translation services

Enhanced Airport / Airfield Condition Reports:

  • Enhanced en route alternate airport info
  • Tailored information for air carrier's routes
  • Delivered by AFTN every 8 hours
  • Greater accuracy than NOTAMS and other alerts
  • Fuel availability for each alternate airport

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