Tracking Severe Weather in the World Today

Pilots and aviation planners often ask, “How can I check quickly if there is severe weather where we are going?"
Sorry, there is no “ONE” simple answer.  However, if your operations takes you into tropical and ocean regions, you are one click away.
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is one of my favorites for at a glance, weather check.   Make this a favorite of yours too:
Once you view the map below, you can see any active Tropical Storm and Cyclone plots.  Then zoom in or click on the nearby red dot for the details of position, intensity, and movement. 
Just want to see at glance the world cloud cover and precipitation?  This WMO product is just that:  Every (WMO) entity that reports is presented here.  Zoom in, select a region, pull the latest observations, and study climate data by location.  This is very helpful if your passengers are considering a particular region while you are in the planning stages.
Use the WMO Resource wisely.  Always verify Date/Time Group.  This link is the WMO Pamphlet to help you navigate the web site:
Still not enough?  Call EVO Operations Center, ask for Mike, or, email me with your specific needs.
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