Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Private and Business Jet Operations Instructions

Planning Your General Aviation Operations Trip to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil are rapidly approaching, and final operational information for private, business, and government jets have been announced. A high profile event such as the 2016 Summer Olympics will result in a mass increase in air traffic. These operations are not only limited to private and executive flights, but will also include commercial and government flights. As a result, the Department of Air Space Control of Brazil has implemented temporary changes to the Brazilian airspace, as well as general and specific procedures to be followed by pilots-in-command and air traffic control units under the Brazilian Airspace Control System. 

The 306 Olympic events have been strategically categorized into 4 different district locations within Rio de Janeiro. These sporting event zones include: Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro, and Maracanã.  Olympic soccer games will be held in various cities throughout Brazil.  So, needless to say, Rio de Janeiro / SBGL will be inundated with private and executive jets, with other airports around Brazil serving as less congested alternatives for longer term parking. 

Slots for private and business jets can be arranged by EVO Jet Services and will be required for the following airports during the games: 

August 1st to September 20th:

•    Rio de Janeiro / SBGL

•    Santos Dumont / SBRJ

•    Sao Paulo / SBGR

•    Sao Paulo Congohonas / SBSP 

•    Viracopos / SBKP

•    Belo Horizonte/Pampulha–Carlos Drummond / SBBH

•    Belo Horizonte / SBCF

•    Salvador / SBSV

•    Manaus / SBEG

August 3rd to August 14th:

•    Brasilia / SBBR

Obtaining a Landing Permit and Slot:

It can take up to 48 hours for a permit to be issued and ultimately depends on slot availability. It is recommend that you send the handling request as soon as possible to ensure a slot. Parking at Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) will also be made available for your aircraft by EVO Jet Services via our local handler partner Lider Aviation. Before receiving your airport slot, you must have a landing permit approval as well as your schedule. 

To obtain a permit, please be ready to provide the following aircraft and crew documentation:

1  Aircraft Insurance

2  Registration

3  Airworthiness

4  Crew License and Medical

5  Slot Letter (allowing 3rd party providers to receive slots for you, and agreeing to the penalties resulting from missing an approved slot time.)

Please contact EVO at to apply for your landing permission and slots. 

Canceling a Slot & Resulting Penalties

Slot changes and cancellation will depend strictly on Brazil’s new cancellation policy.  These penalties will ultimately depend on when the cancellation or change is made, as well as the degree of disturbance caused. When requesting to alter or cancel a slot, be sure to go over all of the newly established penalties. The Agencia Nacional de Aviacao (ANAC,) will however make the ultimate decision on the extent of the penalty. Please note that you will have the opportunity to respond by sending a letter to the ANAC requesting reconsider of the penaly. Failure to compensate cancellation penalties may result in future denial of permits and slots in Brazil. 

Red and Yellow Exclusion Zones

Please be advised that the slot coordinated airports (listed above) will undergo various exclusion zone times during the Summer Olympics time frame. In Brazil, these General Aviations zones are referred to as red and yellow exclusions zones. Red zones deny complete access to GA and permit access exclusively to military, ambulance and diplomatic flights. Alternatively, yellow zones permit access to GA operations who are arriving directly from another hub airport in Brazil, and have acquired a permit and airport slot. 

If you would like any assistance with planning your trip to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, EVO Jet Services 247 Operations team are available to help!

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